Most durable and lowest maintenance roofing option is sheet metal roofing. The protection and versatility that sheet metal provides is second to none. For this reason INTECH Roofing Contractors strives to offer the widest variety of sheet metal roofing options available. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality roofing materials and installation you can find. Our highly capable and knowledgeable roofing technicians have plenty of experience with all types of metal roofing and are always professional, courteous and most importantly, quick. At INTECH Roofing Contractors, we get it right the first time. We are NYC’s most trusted resource for quality sheet metal roofing installation

Sheet Metal Tiles
These are metal shingles that combine the strength and durability of metal with the functionality of individual tiles or shingles. Because of the malleable nature of metals along with the advancement of metallurgy, these tiles can be stamped to offer a variety of decorative styles and colors.

Sheet Metal Panels
These panels also form a hydrokinetic system. Sheet metal panels come in varying profiles of thickness and size. Heavy gauge panels are perfect for warehouses and other larger industrial buildings because these panels attach directly to the structural framing.

Standing Seam Roofing System

These are long, narrow strips of metal with interlocking seams that snap together, making installation very easy. This type of sheet metal roofing can be fabricated on-site for convenience and proper length measurement. Longer panels that run from the top of your roof to the ridge reduce leak potential because there are no cross laps.

Our NYC Sheet Metal Roofing Professionals Provide the Following Services

Standing Seam Metal Roofing
Metal Roof Panels
Metal Shingles
Aluminum Roofing
Copper Roofing
Steel Roofing
Corrugated Metal Roofing
Industrial Roofing
Commercial Roofing


INTECH Roofing Contractors has been delivering professional installation and repair of asphalt shingles to NYC homeowners from years. We have qualified roofers who are highly trained and focused on getting the job done efficiently with minimal inconvenience to you.